I read voraciously as a child–daycare teachers twenty years later still talk about how I would walk down the hall, reading a book.  I read books during recess, was the first to fill my Book-It button, and had to get the birds-and-the-bees talk in second grade because I read above my grade level and my mom didn’t censor what I read.  (I still stand by this parenting choice, even if that remains one of the most awkward conversations I remember having in my then-seven-year-old life.)

Somewhere along the way–maybe at the The College of William and Mary as a history and government major or at the University of Texas Law School–I lost that.  I had a lot less control over what I was reading, pressure to read, deadlines for reading.  Though I’ve been out of school for many years now, I never quite gained my momentum back.  I nibbled, I snacked on books.  But I didn’t inhale them like I used to.

Over the last two weeks of 2016, that changed.  Suddenly, I had time on my hands, nothing to do, and my mother’s used bookstore credit to spend.  I entered 2017 finally back where I started.  Back to imbibing, inhaling, reading good books again.  To keep me motivated, I decided to do a reading challenge…and then two…and then three.  For 2017, I’m trying to complete the Book Riot #ReadHarder challenge, the Modern Mrs. Darcy #MMDchallenge (both for fun and for challenge), and the #PopSugarReadingChallenge.

My reading wheelhouses are LitFic, World War II Fiction (bonus points for WWII LitFic!), and narrative non-fiction.  I adore well done magical realism.  I enjoy a good YA, suspense, or SciFi/Fantasy palate cleanser when what I’ve been reading gets a little too heavy.  There is very little I won’t read, though I find that if I stray too far out of my wheelhouse for too many books in a row, I crave the beautiful turns of phrase I find in something like Exit West or This is How It Always Is (leading the pack for Books I Can’t Shut Up About This Year).

I’m sure this site will expand beyond just reviews as it goes on, but for now, welcome.  I hope this site finds you in your favorite reading chair, looking for something new to read.  Have suggestions for me?  I’d love to hear them!  Find me on Instagram and Twitter.