Hindsight / Foresight August 6, 2017

Mark Solarski

Hindsight this Week

It’s been a busy week at work so my reading has slowed down–I managed to finish only Almost Sisters and the ARC of Reading People, both of which should be on the blog in the coming weeks.  I started The Alice Network today and am already sucked in–even though I spent the entire day today (Saturday) reading and briefing for work (and will all day Sunday as well), I can’t wait to jump back in and keep reading.  Today has affirmed that reading for work and reading for fun are two entirely different experiences.

I got two ARCs in the mail yesterday and today–Girls Made of Snow and Glass that I mentioned last week from Top Shelf Text and Trell, an ARC about a African-American man wrongly convicted of homicide written by one of the Spotlight Team reporters at the Boston Globe.  Two very different books but I’m excited about both.  They’re both being released in September, so I’ll likely post those reviews towards the very end of August or beginning of September, closer to their release days.

In other acquisitions, I picked up Woman No. 17 from the library and purchased Six of Crows, Stamped from the Beginning, and The Judgment of Richard Richter (Kindle First choice for August).  At the rate I acquire Kindle books, I’m ensuring I’ll never run out of things to read before I die.  For my Book of the Month selections I got the new John Boyne, The Heart’s Invisible Furies as well as a copy of Dark Matter as an early birthday present from Boyfriend.

Boyfriend and I are still slowly working our way through Waking Gods when we’re in the car together and I just started listening to Born a Crime by Trevor Noah.

Foresight for the coming week

I should be able to knock out The Alice Network and Priestdaddy this week.  I’ve got American Street and Fraulein M. waiting as well as my coworker’s copy of The Underground Railroad that I really need to start.  One day my TBR won’t be dictated by my library due dates…but it won’t be any time next week.

Have suggestions for what I should read next? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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