Hindsight / Foresight July 15, 2017

Mark Solarski

Hindsight this week —

Great reading week this week.  Finished A Bridge Across the Ocean (not what I was expecting), The Hate U Give, Anything is Possible, and Beartown.  I stayed up way past my bedtime last night to finish Beartown.  It’s easily moved into my top three books of 2017, joining Exit West and This Is How It Always Is.

At the end of the week I had to put a pause on all of my library holds.  They caught up with me and I’m drowning in books with due dates.  I did wind up getting The Alice Network, Priestdaddy, and We Are Never Hanging Out in Real Life before the holds went in–these were the straws that broke the camel’s back on the library holds.

I totally failed at my goal of getting some posts built up.  I did get reviews done for When Dimple Met Rishi and Inside Out and Back Again since those were due back at the library.  The Hate U Give is being taken from me later today by Overdrive so that draft will be done by 8:52 p.m. when that book turns back into a pumpkin.  I don’t want to do two YA in a week so I’ll hopefully also get a draft banged out for The Sisters Chase today as well.  I do still have Lincoln in the Bardo and The Fall of Lisa Bellow as well as Dark Matter now in my hot little hands to go back and review.  I’m stewing with Beartown and the hangover it left me last night, but I’ve also got in on deck for a review.  I have the books…it’s the time that’s an issue.  And the Sox playing a double-header against the Yankees doesn’t bode well for my getting work done.


Foresight for the coming week–

Posts for When Dimple Met Rishi and The Sisters Chase will be posted this week, come hell or high water.  The bonus review of WSIRN should also be posted since that’s essentially 3/4 done as well.

In reading, I’d like to knock out Salt Houses as well as Lilac Girls this week.  Probably won’t get more than that since Lilac Girls is thick.  I didn’t realize that until I got the tome that is the hardback version from the library.  I’m still plugging away at Hillbilly Elegy on audio but feel like I’m constantly on the edge of abandoning it.  We’ll see if I make it through or if this is the first book I abandon of 2017.

What are you reading next? Have suggestions about books I should read? I’d love to hear from you.

I'd love to hear from you <3