Hindsight // Foresight November 13, 2017

Mark Solarski

Hindsight this week

I finished The Confusion of Languages this week–it was good but another slow burn so I didn’t wind up gobbling it up like I wanted.  I started Manhattan Beach–I’m only like ten pages in but I need this to grab my attention.  I need something that isn’t a slow burn.  Work is still a bit crazy so that’s part of it.  I also just really need to get off my cell phone.  With my FitBit, if someone texts me, I’ll know–so I really need to say “no surfing” after 8, or even 7, so that I don’t waste so much time on Facebook and Instagram.  I’ll look if someone texts but that’s it.

I have found, in totally non-bookish news, that I’m getting better sleep, or at least feeling more rested, with my natural light alarm clock.  I’m getting slightly less total sleep since the light usually wakes me about ten minutes before the actual alarm but I’m not being jolted awake from deep sleep so I feel less groggy when I wake up.  Now if I could just get better about not Facebooking before bed and I’ll be set.

The only acquisition this week was Tom Hank’s collection of short stories, Uncommon Type from Book of the Month.*

Foresight for the coming week

I need to go ahead and knock out Miami Century Fox and review it on LibraryThing.  It has the added bonus of qualifying for my book of poetry in translation on a theme other than love for BookRiot #ReadHarder Challenge.  I am out of town for work the next two days–that either means I’ll get a great deal of reading done or none at all.  Sort of hit or miss.

Besides Miami Century Fox, I want to knock out Manhattan Beach and My Absolute Darling.  That last one is from the library and I’d like to finish in time to review it without rushing.

Are you reading anything good? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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