Hindsight // Foresight November 6, 2017

Mark Solarski

Hindsight this week

I finally finished Music of the Ghosts this week– it was well written but sloooooow.  At the 70% mark, when we finally got to what happened in the Khmer Rouge prison it picked up and I raced through the last third but before that was a bit of a slog to get through.  I did have to pause in the middle to read Fierce Kingdom since that was going to be due back to the library.  I don’t plan to review that one here but it was a nice diversion and a solid thriller.  I rated it 3 1/4 stars.  I started A Confusion of Languages last night and am hoping that one keeps my interest.

I wound up stopping A Gentleman in Moscow on audio–it was getting a bit hard to follow.  I will likely try again soon–I liked what I was hearing but this may be a book I need to read in print.  We’ll see–I do plan to read this one this year, in one format or another.  I started I Was Told There’d Be Cake since I picked it up and it looked interesting when I was at the Green Valley Book Fair.  I prefer this kind of book in audio so I borrowed it from the library.  So far I’m meh on it, but we’ll see if it picks up.  I also downloaded one of the Diverse Book Club books, Ginny Moon, on audio so if Cake doesn’t hold my interest, I’ve got that to start.

Speaking of, the theme this month in Diverse Books Club is disabilities–I have no problems with the choices generally but was disappointed to see that mental illness wasn’t represented at all.  I probably need to go on the message boards and recommend some solid books on MI like The Center Cannot Hold. 

In acquisitions this week, I picked up My Absolute Darling, Stranger in the Woods, and This is Just My Face from the library.  There were some good kindle sales so I picked up Rabbit Cake, What Remains True (Kindle First for November), 1968, and The Sun is Also a Star.

Foresight for the coming week

I feel like I’m in a bit of slump.  I should have some good time to read but we’ll see if A Confusion of Languages can hold my interest or if I wind up picking something else up.  I’ve also got Miami Century Fox to read and review for LibraryThing –I do plan to do that this week.

Are you reading anything good? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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