Hindsight // Foresight October 9, 2017

Mark Solarski

Hindsight this week

A Kind of Freedom slowed me down and I wound up shelving it for the time being, though I plan to go back to it.  As a result, the only book I actually finished this week was Little Fires Everywhere.  I started Young Jane Young last night–not a style I love but I do think I’ll like the overall message and themes, plus its the MMD book club, so I’m plugging away.


I picked up the Diverse Books Club YA pick — Refugee–this week from the library but am otherwise waiting on several holds.  I snagged Swimming Lessons and Men We Reaped (Jesmyn Ward’s memoir) on ebook sale this week, along with free samples from the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt “Best American Series.”

In the most exciting news, I won an ARC of Ariel Lawhon’s I Was Anastasia that comes out in March–I had a pretty bad two days and then discovered it on my front doorstep with no notice on Friday.  Funny how a good book can turn a day around.

Foresight for the coming week

I should finish YJY this week since I’ll need to return it before I leave.  I’ll likely also try to finish Refugee so that I don’t have any library books needing to be returned when I get back since I’m going out of town Saturday for a week to see my parents.  I anticipate it being a very good reading week since there isn’t a ton to do when I’m there except thrift/book shop (which I love, but doesn’t take nine days) so I do a lot of reading–I think I averaged a book a day when I was there last.  Hoping to make a dent in those expired library books I have in my airplane-moded Kindle–American Fire, Sour Heart, Crossing to Safety, and Music of Ghosts (for Diverse Books Club).  Debating whether to use room in my suitcase to take some books with me that I need to read, like Station Eleven and I Was Anastasia.  I’ve also got some digital ARCs–The Floating World being the one I’m excited about that is coming out this month.


Are you reading anything good? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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